Bad Luck Charm

In Culture, Family, Friends, Relationships, Work on August 14, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Bad Luck Charm

I have been having an extreme amount of bad luck lately. Car accident in both of my cars? Check! *waves goodbye to the front end of my car & side mirror* Phone broken? Check! Identity stolen and tax returns filed by the imposter? Cheeeeck! I could go on but I’ve already bored myself in retelling it. Now here’s the crazy part…I’m still smiling! Ha! Take that Devil, with all your bad luck banter.

So, to any of you who have been having an unlucky day, week, month or year things will get better! They have to. Scientifically speaking (ok, probably not “scientifically speaking”), you’re at the bottom and there’s no other way for you to look but up. So stay focused and encouraged!

Oh, and feel free to share any of your bad luck turned good luck stories!

  1. No way! Really?? Wow, I break down and cry very easily. LOL. I would be an absolute wreck. I’m sorry that all of that has happened to you, and am amazed at your ability to smile through it. Kudos to you.

  2. hope you are right for both of us — you sound like you have had way more than your share lately

  3. Stay focused and encourage lady and keep smiling! I know I have to, in order to not cry. πŸ™‚

  4. My house was robbed 3 times and someone wrecked our car on purpose. Homeschooled had horrible lady luck despite my handsome aesthetic. I was late to work today and didnt get paid. I was like one of three men of color in a room full of 50 plus others and they stared at me I felt at this safety course. I’ve had 20 bad days in a row so yes things are looking ok right now I’m unsure. This producer told me my script was common. I went to a store that said Apply Inside and asked this lady were they hiring and she said no. I made no money this week and wasted a lot on bus fare and food.

  5. I love your name its so creative and weird! now that I am trying to get work I have no time for writing anymore because of my search for stability this job eats my time. oplease check out Artistryunlimited21 and may I say you are smoking hot!

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