Babe in Braids

In Beauty, Culture, Family, Friends on August 7, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Box Braids: Versatile and Carefree

I have had my hair in medium sized box braids for the past month and I love them. When my hair was first braided people were saying “I mean, what can you really do with braids? How many styles can you really have?” And in my opinion braids can be very versatile. I find a new way to twist my hair up or pin it back every other day to the point where everyone is now saying “Charm, everyday it’s a different style with you!” *shrugs* Oh well, it’s my hair and I can be as creative as I want. This pic is one of my favorite styles. It’s a braided top bun positioned towards the front of my head. Over the next few weeks I’ll post other styles.

Cheers to making everyday a good hair day 🙂

  1. Loving the hair girl!

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