Natural Hair: Don’t Call It a Fad

In Beauty, Culture, Family, Fashion, Friends, Relationships on July 3, 2012 at 4:19 pm


(Me on Saturday, 06/30/2012. The end of my 1st week back to my Natural Hair)

For all of you who don’t know, hair is a big deal. Not just for me as an African American woman but for well millions of other women and men from various cultures and socioeconomic statuses. In some cultures, hair is used to decipher an individual’s social status, mood or even their marital status. Some religions and cultures regard hair as such a precious adornment that it must be covered from being seen by anyone other than the person’s husband, close relatives, or female friends. And just think about the panic that sets in when men (or women) find themselves balding prematurely. So yea, hair= big deal.

Lately, there has been a sudden increase in hair care products that cater to women of color who wish to wear their hair natural. For all of you who don’t know, by “natural” I mean not chemically treated to be straightened and in their hair’s natural state. Although my hair has not been chemically treated in about 15 years, I was an avid fan of extensions and straightening my hair with flat irons for the past 4 years or so. I recently transitioned out of my extensions to embrace my natural hair and let’s just say this has been a tough process, mentally, emotionally and physically. But a positive journey of self discovery to be honest. It takes a certain amount of self-confidence and self-love to look at yourself in the mirror in your natural state and say “This is me. I’m beautiful and I define what my beauty is.” That’s why I cringe when I hear people call natural hair a “fad” or a “trend” or when I read an article where manufacturers of natural hair care products want to increase production and jump on the “trend.” This should not be considered a fad. I feel that the term demeans the value of the process and the entire fact that natural hair styles came before anything else. I am happy that women of color are becoming increasingly comfortable with themselves and their hair and are embracing it.

For any of you who are transitioning to natural hair I wish you the best!

  1. my hair is always en natural … 🙂 … to lazy to do anything about it

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