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Where’s Your Self-Esteem?

In Culture, Family, Friends, Relationships on July 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm

“I feel that a person’s ability or inability to be easily influenced by others (people OR media) all stems from their self-esteem or lack thereof.”

Charm (Me)

Growing up, I never thought that I wasn’t good enough to do anything. In my teens I never found myself in relationships searching for a father figure and constantly being abused because I felt I didn’t deserve better. I never looked in a magazine at frail models with blonde hair and hoped to look like them. Ultimately, I never experienced self-esteem issues because my mother never fostered the type of environment to encourage that behavior. My brothers and I were always told that we were smart, gifted, and wonderful individuals and we acted accordingly. My mom also instilled a constant sense of lucidness in us that allowed us to be aware of reality vs. non reality as well as sense vs. nonsense. It almost annoys me that parents are exuding so much time being angry at the media for influencing their children. I wish the parent would spend as much energy rearing their children and nurturing their self-images, critical thinking, and reasoning skills so that the children can be empowered to make good decisions about what they feel is “cool” or good for them to pursue. Please note that I am not saying that the media doesn’t purposefully try to brainwash our youth. They do and they succeed at it every day. Which should encourage us to take back the minds and hearts of our youths so as to prevent an Effexor-ridden, self deprecating, drone population in the future.


Mind Bullets

In Politics, Relationships, Work on July 21, 2012 at 9:39 pm


That is all lol

Happy Friday

In Culture, Friends, Work on July 20, 2012 at 5:16 pm

Happy Friday

This picture accurately depicts my struggle this week towards Friday. And although Friday actually starts at 6pm (the time that I begin my trek home) I wanted to wish you all a great Friday and an even more awesome weekend!

A Need To Read

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2012 at 11:13 pm


I can’t believe I haven’t read a book for leisure in about a year. Thanks to grad school, the only thing that I’ve been reading are textbooks on public health and enough supplemental readings to engulf any possible free time I have to read. Nevertheless, I’m in the mood for a good read! Any suggestions?

Oh Stormy

In Music on July 18, 2012 at 5:01 pm

I don’t know about the rest of the world’s weather (although I could if I Googled it) but it’s a rainy and gloomy day in Detroit today. Which is surprisingly welcomed due the heat wave that we were recently hit with. I know, I know. Michiganders complain when it’s too hot and we complain when it’s too cold but I have to admit that I love having the best of both living in the mid west.

Here’s a song for this stormy day. An oldie but nevertheless a nice chill song. If you’re into that “easy listening” groove.

Hi Humans, Meet Dopehead

In Art, Culture, Music on July 12, 2012 at 11:20 pm


Mike Luke, better known as Dopehead, is a Detroit-bred unsigned hip hop artist whose unique wordplay and delivery of clever and poignant lyrics have gained him much critical acclaim on his recent mixtape titled “Plaid Palm Trees.” Following the success of “Plaid Palm Trees” Dopehead has recently re-released it in a deluxe edition with bonus tracks which is now available on iTunes.

Dopehead has been ranked at number #16 among many mainstream artists in Spin Magazine’s 50 Mixtapes to Listen To in 2011 article (Spin Magazine), along with receiving positive album reviews from magazines such as The Fader and hip hop blogs across the nation.

Often times recognized as a member of the Bruiser Brigade, his crew formed with Danny Brown a member of the recent 2012 XXL Freshman class of artists, Dopehead continues to stand out and show that he can hold his own as a solo artist. His lyricism embraces his individuality and his tales of growing up and living in an urban city as infamous as Detroit continues to resonate with it his listeners all over the world.

Currently, Dopehead is working on new music for his third upcoming album which is untitled as of yet. He intends to continue to give himself fully into his music never letting down his fans who always demand his obscure and often explicit lyrics to rock to.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely get with the Bruiser Brigade movement.

Happy listening and stay jooky!

How to follow Dopehead:



Music Links:

Dopehead’s Bandcamp Page

Dopehead on iTunes

Pandora Radio Station: DopeHead

She’s Got You High by Mumm Ra

In Music, Relationships on July 12, 2012 at 3:55 pm

She’s Got You High video

Here’s a little Mumm Ra for your Thursday.

“She’s got you high and you don’t even know it yet…” describes love hitting someone before they even realized it. This can be good or bad. You be the judge.

Live With Kelly Co-Host Search Top 10 Finalists

In Culture, Friends, Music, Politics, Work on July 9, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Live With Kelly Co-Host Search Top 10 Finalists

An engineer, philanthropist, professional race car driver and intellect are all things that describe my big brother Brian Olatunji. He currently has made the Top 10 finalists to co-host Live with Kelly!!! Please take the time to visit the link to vote for him and support his dream to co-host with Kelly.

Please note that when you visit the voting link it will lead you to his video so you can hear his goals first hand.

Thanks in advance for the support!

Simply Put, It’s Complicated

In Culture, Music, Relationships on July 6, 2012 at 9:12 pm

“Complicated” by Robin Thicke

As we all know (even the ones who act like it isn’t) being in love is complicated especially when you’re dealing with stabilizing your own inconsistencies and trying to be a better person in the relationship . So here’s a song for all of you who are working on bettering yourself for your mate to celebrate love’s complicated splendor. Click the YouTube link above. I’ve included the lyrics below.

I wish I could change

I wish I could change

I wish I could stop

Sayin the same old things

I wish I could be

Who u want me 2 be

I wish I could stop

Being the same old me

I wish I could lose

All of my blues

I wish I could stop

Puttin my blues on u

I wish I could love

Like nobody loves

I wish that my goods

Outweighed my bads enough

There’s no way There’s no way There’s no way

I can get back that girl

Cause I’m 2 complicated

And shes not complicated

But I’m 2 complicated

I wish I could change

I wish I could change

I wish I could stop

Placin’ the blame

I cant stop it

I cant break down

I cant drop it cant see how

I wish I could lose

All of my blues

I wish I could stop

Puttin’ my blues on u

I wish I could love

I wish that my goods

Outweighed my bads enough
You know its killin me

Baby how can I let u go

Suddenly there’s nothing I need more

There’s no way There’s no way There’s no way I can get back that girl

Natural Hair: Don’t Call It a Fad

In Beauty, Culture, Family, Fashion, Friends, Relationships on July 3, 2012 at 4:19 pm


(Me on Saturday, 06/30/2012. The end of my 1st week back to my Natural Hair)

For all of you who don’t know, hair is a big deal. Not just for me as an African American woman but for well millions of other women and men from various cultures and socioeconomic statuses. In some cultures, hair is used to decipher an individual’s social status, mood or even their marital status. Some religions and cultures regard hair as such a precious adornment that it must be covered from being seen by anyone other than the person’s husband, close relatives, or female friends. And just think about the panic that sets in when men (or women) find themselves balding prematurely. So yea, hair= big deal.

Lately, there has been a sudden increase in hair care products that cater to women of color who wish to wear their hair natural. For all of you who don’t know, by “natural” I mean not chemically treated to be straightened and in their hair’s natural state. Although my hair has not been chemically treated in about 15 years, I was an avid fan of extensions and straightening my hair with flat irons for the past 4 years or so. I recently transitioned out of my extensions to embrace my natural hair and let’s just say this has been a tough process, mentally, emotionally and physically. But a positive journey of self discovery to be honest. It takes a certain amount of self-confidence and self-love to look at yourself in the mirror in your natural state and say “This is me. I’m beautiful and I define what my beauty is.” That’s why I cringe when I hear people call natural hair a “fad” or a “trend” or when I read an article where manufacturers of natural hair care products want to increase production and jump on the “trend.” This should not be considered a fad. I feel that the term demeans the value of the process and the entire fact that natural hair styles came before anything else. I am happy that women of color are becoming increasingly comfortable with themselves and their hair and are embracing it.

For any of you who are transitioning to natural hair I wish you the best!

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