How To Work Better

In Work on May 8, 2012 at 8:12 pm


Let’s face it, being unproductive is fun! At times, I enjoy doing anything but what’s needed when I should be completing stacks of paperwork in my office or finishing a paper for school. However, over time I have equally learned to enjoy getting my work completed and reducing my stress level with the help of 10 tips shared with me from my mentor:

1. Complete one task at a time. Multitasking is appropriate at times. The key is to reduce your interruption ratio so that you can successfully complete a task, instead of successfully completing small parts of a 100 different tasks.

2. Know the problem. This is simple. You have to understand the issue/task assigned so that you can effectively complete it.

3. Learn to listen. Listening is a key part of effective communication.

4. Learn to ask questions. Place all pride aside when it comes to finding an understanding on a task/project. Having a clear understanding helps you to perform better.

5. Distinguish sense from nonsense. Prioritize important issues and throw anything that isn’t conducive to you achieving your task by the wayside.

6. Accept change as inevitable. Change will happen, whether or not you agree with it…that’s kinda why it’s called change. As a business person and an individual, you must learn to shed your rigidity at times and make yourself and your acceptance of ideas more fluid.

7. Admit mistakes. No, seriously, admit them. You’re not perfect and everyone knows it. Admitting your mistakes occurs after you’ve accepted the fact that you made a mistake. Take these learning experiences with you to prevent future snafus.

8. Say it simple. Do not use 100 words when you can use 10 to get your point across. Often times, people feel that flowery language makes them appear intelligent. It doesn’t. It only annoys people, especially the intellects that you’re trying to appeal to.

9. Be calm. This is business, nothing personal. Grudges, resentment, jealously etc. are not for the work place.

10. Smile.



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