Men: Predator or Prey?

In Culture, Family, Friends, Relationships on June 24, 2010 at 3:50 am

For centuries men have been described as “animals.” Always ready to mark their territory, fondle their manly parts, and bang any HOLE that they can find. Many men use this history to cosign their inability to be monogamous. But I digress. The matter being addressed today is whether or not men have become more like prey than predator.

With TV shows just as Basketball Wives, Real House Wives and any reality TV dating show it is becoming more evident to me that athletes, performers, or any man with a power position and lots of money are sought after in a warped and calculated way by willing Stepford Wives stand-ins. Everything from their clothes, to the interests they have, to how many teeth they show when they smile are planned out to garner the attention of their “husband”-before that “husband” even knows he’s their victim. A few rendezvous and expensive dinners later she’s Mrs.CEO/Bastketball/Futbol…this list could go on. The point is- men are increasingly becoming the prey.

Even the poor ones can’t escape the fate of their gender. How many of us can name a guy we know with no college-level education, job, drive, 5 year plan, sense of self, car (depending on what city you’re in), who lives in their mother’s basement and have been purposefully “trapped” by a woman? Sad to say, I can understand the motivation of the aforementioned group of female predators: money, nice clothes, ridiculous amounts of accessories and the ability to contact doctors that can reverse your aging process in 10 minutes. Maybe the group of girls who purposefully impregnate themselves by bums are motivated by love. Hey, I couldn’t think of anything else so give me a break.

Either way, guys, rich or poor, need to man up (pun intended) and reclaim their role in society as predators. Call me crazy, I’ve never been a hunter and never will be…I enjoy the chase too much.


  1. I tell u one thing. Stock in ladies has certainly plummetted over the years. So the question is, “Is the lack of quality women the reason men are more pursued than women?” I say women need to woman up and reclaim their roles as prizes worth being pursued. Otherwise the only thing men will look for from them is that one night stand. Good post. U got me thinkin’.

  2. That’s an interesting point! I partly agree (depending on what neighborhood we’re surveying) but I beg to differ. I think that now, more than ever gender roles are misconstrued in relationships and women are assuming power roles in the business world and in their personal lives. And most of these independent women don’t have plans on chasing after men or being mothers. It gets to the point where a woman can sadly say “why do I even need a man?” and have some validity…smh It’s the Stepford Wives who may have it really figured out. But that my friend, is for another post 🙂

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