FRIENDS- How Many of us REALLY Have them?

In Family, Friends, Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 at 2:07 am

If you’re extremely in the know like me you’re linked in with LinkedN, your face is stuck to Facebook, and you are more than likely working up carpal tunnel on Twitter. This means that you have also witnessed endless rants between “bffs” and hundreds of postings with something to the effect of “chilling with my homie, I love you man!” Seems like everyone has hundreds or even thousands of “friends,” or have disillusioned themselves into believing that a true friend is someone who accepts a request or follows you back.  I’m convinced it’s the latter of the two.  Meanwhile, I stay comfy with my small circle of friends and my mediocre amount of associates. I have come to realize that I don’t need a plethora of platonic relationships or a few frenemies to justify my social status. This revelation comes with me having had more downs than ups in the past with people who I have sincerely thought reciprocated my friendship without ulterior motives. In these instances time proved my judgment wrong. I happily moved on from these experiences, refusing to call them mistakes- instead lessons.

This is why I am finding it increasingly necessary for people to step back and analyze the people who they hold in such high esteem. Realizing that they are a reflection of the company they keep in some form and that they should share the minute and major details of their lives with people who are genuine friends. Also ending their obsession with maintaining the façade of having hundreds of adoring friends. Popularity contests can stay in high school. Do as I did, analyze and recognize your inner circle. Find out who is truly a friend for life versus a friend of convenience. A friend for life should be honest, caring, positive, supportive and all of the other good adjectives. Whereas, a friend of convenience is someone who conveniently suits one mold or activity. For example, you may only go shopping  with one person. You may enjoy going to bars and parties with three others. You may even get in a lively brunch date with a few. However, when you feel your world is crashing down on you, your first thought will not be to turn to your shopping buddy, party animals or your brunch dates. You will want to seek solace and find encouraging advice in a true friend. Just remember that this will be pretty hard to do if you have surrounded yourself by make-believe.

  1. This, IMO, is true..there are a lot of friends for ur convenience. And thats why alot of violence happens frm ppl they thought was they “boy” lol…Close that circle up!

  2. I feel you on this…
    Keep up the good work Grandma!lol

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